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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lightning Mutiweek fix in 60 seconds...

As I really cant live without it I decided to hack it. Here is my little hack step by step as it may be useful to someone until it gets fixed by the author. As I use Linux the hack is made under SuSE 10.0 Pro.

Not to create useless stuff in the home directory I recommend using the /tmp directory:

vahur@too:~> cd /tmp/
vahur@too:/tmp> mkdir lm
vahur@too:/tmp> cd lm
vahur@too:/tmp/lm> wget --no-check-certificate
vahur@too:/tmp/lm> unzip -x lightning_multiweek_view-0.0.2-tb.xpi
vahur@too:/tmp/lm> dos2unix install.rdf
vahur@too:/tmp/lm> cat install.rdf |sed -e "s#>2.0b1<#>2.0.0.*<#" > install.rdf
vahur@too:/tmp/lm> zip lm.xpi chrome/ltnmw.jar chrome.manifest install.rdf

Here is the long version: I create a folder called "lm" in the tmp directory, download the original xpi from the mozilla site with wget, extract all the files with unzip, as the file was created under windows we need to convert it to unix before editing (lowers the risks of random character interfering), replace the old version with new one with stream editor sed and the last thing is to zip it back up :)

Thats it - just install it as a normal extension in Thunderbird. Works 95% - may mess up preferences menu a litle- use at your own risk.

I wish all my work would be that easy...

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