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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The wise ways of the Gimp...

I'm no big fan of photo editing, but when I need to do something I ether use ImageMagick (for automated image transformations) or Gimp. Basically I'm a noob with google when it comes to images - I have the tools but not enough info how to do what I want.

Well today I made a discovery how easy it is to cut a region into a new image. The reason? Well I needed to cut a smaller image out of screen shot and to hide part of the image text. The problem might seem like an easy one, but when using modern file formats, then there might be security risks, as they use layers. So when you think your brushing up some sensitive information on a image you are just creating a new layer that can simply be removed without any hassle.

So, to make thins short: open the image in gimp, select the region you want with the select tool, right click on the image -> Edit -> Copy (or simply Ctrl+c), right click on the image -> Edit -> Paste as New. Woala, a new image in its container. Now cover the needed part with solid color (I personally recommend solid black). Save the file in bmp format - this will export and flatten the file so we get rid of all the layers that might have been in the original image. This will leave a large file, but you can re save it in jpg format when needed. Now the data should be unrecoverable from the new file. Simple isn't it? :)

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